Interview Like an Expert President, Lynée Alves helps those in need of career tips and strategies. Alves is a professional career expert and has focused on recruiting, interviewing, and hiring for more than 20 years. Here is her advice on topics such as current challenges, resumes, LinkedIn, interviews, and mindset. 

It’s no secret that career search has become even more challenging due to COVID-19. There’s more competition, a rise of resume filtering software, and higher rates of unemployment. Applying is just the first step in the job process, but Alves gives a list of tips that will help your resume stand out. Watch the webinar below, or click here to watch on our Youtube channel.

Your resume must be in an updated format and layout with a sans serif font. You need a clear header that includes your LinkedIn URL and a professional summary, that highlights your key strengths and skills. “The most important part of your resume is the top half,” says Alves. When listing professional experience she advises to list responsibilities but to focus on your results and accomplishments. Additionally, job experience only needs to go back 20-25 years and if you have more than 15 years of work experience listing a graduation date is not necessary. 

When discussing LinkedIn, Alves emphasizes the importance of professional social networking. Recruiters use LinkedIn Recruiter daily and look for potential employees. On your LinkedIn headline, you can write your job title plus key strengths and skills. The ‘About’ tab is the place to write about what makes you unique and interesting in what you do. You can also make an ‘open to opportunities” tab with the type of job you’re looking for and make it public for recruiters to see. Alves advises to have regular activity on LinkedIn and to ideally have 500+ connections. Posting and sharing content on LinkedIn will help you become more visible.

Interviewing can be nerve-wracking, but Alves ensures research and practice can help make a difference. Always visit the company website and learn the role you’re applying for. Focus on soft skills which are characteristics that showcase your teamwork and communication capabilities. If you’re nervous, create a cheat sheet, practice out loud, and study interview questions that can be found online. If you’re interested in a career pivot, Alves advises focusing on your professional experience and what’s most transferable in similar roles. 

Alves says the secret weapon is the mindset. “You attract what you put into the world.” Focus on positivity, your strengths, and be confident in yourself and your work experience. You can join Alves’s Facebook group if you’re looking for additional resources. 

Written By: Marla Chavez Garcia