Live Art International is a creative agency and management firm that guides, books, and manages professional artists and art based experiential programs in the live AND virtual performance market. Brush to canvas, chalk to pavement, pen to paper, Live Art International creates one-of-a-kind experiences for audiences and event attendees. 

Every experience is tailored to the client’s wishes. Customized artwork and experiences can fit a theme or brand, and events can accommodate audiences as small as 10 to 20.000 or even more people. 

Great Artists, Great Causes

Live Art International’s performance artists have traveled the globe, shared stages with Grammy award winning artists, set trends in fashion and design and are champions for charity.  Throughout the years, Live Art International has raised over 5 million dollars for charities across the country.  

Recently, Live Art International organized a fundraiser event with speed painter Elliott from ArtBeat Live! Elliott has raised millions of dollars for charities over the past 13 years, and his artwork was featured during Patrick Kane’s 100th game. The result is being auctioned off on the team’s website, the proceeds will go to the Blackhawks local outreach program. 

Another Live Art International artist is Bojana Ilic, AKA Bojitt: “Passion, color, and detail define me as an artist and designer. I am inspired by moments, people, music and culture. I’m constantly curious with a huge urge to give back and empower people and children to think bigger than themselves.”


In addition to live art performances, Live Art International manages and produces art-based activations for conferences, corporate meetings, branding events and more.   Activities include  large scale community art installations and coloring walls, creative break out session activities such as group canvas painting and crafting workshops + unique branding experiences with their spin art bicycles or mosaic murals. 

About CEO Dayna Malow

As a veteran of the industry,  Live Art International CEO Dayna Malow has crafted the entertainment programming for countless talent corporations, festival productions and non-profit agencies. Her booking experience and relationships have led her to various career opportunities in the industry including Entertainment Director for the USO of Illinois, Director of Operations for Magnificent Events, Entertainment Director / Talent Buyer for StarEvents and President of The Chicago Entertainment Agency.

Group and Event Sales Information – 800-985-9330