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Ateema Media & Marketing has two areas of marketing expertise; group meetings and events, and tourism. We connect hospitality-oriented businesses with Influential audiences in both areas to help them grow.

In Tourism, Ateema produces the Chicago Concierge Favorites Awards, Concierge Preferred Magazine, Chicago Neighborhood Maps, the Mobile Visitor Network and the Hospitality & Tourism Summit, which serves both aspects of our business.

On the group meetings and events side, Ateema produces the Hospitality & Tourism Summit Chicago, and various versions of the Planner Master Class Series, including PlannerPalooza.

Ateema was founded in 2001 by Tim O’Malley and Mike Magnusson and was formally known as “O’Malley Magnusson Publishing Group, LLC,” or informally simply as ‘Concierge Preferred.’

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