man and woman drinking coffee

Brewing Success: Elevate your Events with Kikwetu Coffee

Kikwetu is a journey to connect two places that are very important to its founders: Kenya, where they were born and raised, and Chicago, where they have made their lives. Started in 2014, Kikwetu is a minority-owned, women-led business, born and operated in Woodlawn.

The company aims to provide high-quality coffee and tea to people of all walks of life and enable them to connect with each other. The quality of the Kikwetu products and the exceptional service provided by the team have made the business a huge success in Chicago.

But Kikwetu's success also comes from a belief that building and fostering human connections is the foundation for a just and sustainable planet. The company cares deeply about the people behind its products and works hard to uncover and amplify their stories to build bridges.

Across Chicago, Kikwetu offers catering for events, meetings and gatherings featuring handcrafted beverages, pastries with a special splash of Kenyan hospitality. Kikwetu also provides elevated coffee & tea services for residential condos and office buildings.

Kikwetu is the exclusive coffee served in the Cloud Bar on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center. You can also find its products in markets in Streeterville, Lincoln Park, West Loop, Hyde Park, Logan Square, Wicker Park, Evanston, South Loop, Glenwood and North Center.