New decade, new trends! From innovative technologies to catering to a greater audience, the meeting and event planning space is rife with new ways to stand out. Here are 10 trends to keep an eye out for in 2020:

Innovative Eventtech

New registration tools are making events easier and more manageable onsite. Companies like ExpoPass eliminate the frustration of scanning tickets, looking up registration accounts, and even printing name badges.

App Adoption

App usage for events has significantly increase in the last year, and many event professionals see apps as an added value to the event. Having one place to provide site maps, distributed information, FAQs, and more makes navigating the event easier for both attendees and managers alike.

Offering a Tourist Attraction

Expecting out-of-towners to attend your event – Offering an offsite activity, day trip, or unique outing is attractive to registrants and will keep them coming back year after year.

Asking for Feedback

Gone are the days of a paper survey that may or may not get tossed in the trash. Digital post-event surveys through an event app or via email help planners increase feedback from both attendees and sponsors and make it easier to calculate analytics and find trends.

Charity Components

Creating an environment that unifies attendees and sponsors is key in making a memorable experience and more and more planners are implementing a charitable component to the events. Donation drives, offsite volunteering, and trips to witness local culture are more prominent.

Offering Exclusivity

Unique venues can make or break an event, and giving attendees an experience through location is on the 2020 horizon. Luxury resorts, cruise ships, and festival-style events are great ways to make your event a must.

Be Sustainable

The well-being of the environment is top of mind for 2020, and event planners will be making bigger strides in making their events more sustainable. Planners are considering sustainable transportation, recycling options, digital forms of paperwork, solar energy and more.

Make Decor Part Of the Interaction

Key placement of decor and furniture can actually help facilitate mingling and promote the ultimate goal of the event – networking and interaction! Filling large spaces with couches, tables, and even interactive games will be key to the ultimate comfort level of guests.

Cool Eats and Treats

Who doesn’t love a fun ice luge or a beautiful carving station – Creating an “exhibit” with the food is a great way to add visual excitement to something you’d already have on site anyway. Interactive food stations like food trucks or build-your-own bars will also be making a splash in 2020.

Make It Personal

A draw for many is the locale itself and ensuring that your attendees have a taste of local culture is super-important. Sourcing local vendors for decor, transportation, and venue space can make all the difference in your event standing out, as well as local menus (Are you hosting an event in Chicago – Maybe one meal consists of local favorites like deep dish pizza and Italian beef!)