“The industry has changed more these past 6 months than ever in our lives,” our very own CEO, Tim O’Malley has stated. NHS Global Events President Sean Lynch, Michelle Durpetti Events Chief Planner Michelle Durpetti, and Huron Consulting Group Meetings & Events Manager Matthew Bohn share their thoughts on virtual events, pricing, and tips for future or current event planners during this difficult time. Want to watch the full video on our Youtube channel, just click here.

All four professionals agree that hybrid models are not going to end anytime soon. So,  how do we generate excitement using hybrid models? Lynch says the key is to broadcast these events by using production value. This includes assets such as lighting and sound that were crucial before the pandemic. 

Now, It’s important more than ever for an event to have fluidity and simplicity. “Remember it’s about the audience, the right content in front of the right people,” states Bohn. A useful tactic used by Huron Consulting Group during a virtual event is to incorporate a Q&A in the live chat. They also create polls that will keep the audience engaged.

Another question you may ask is, “how to lay out the experience” virtually. For example, in a gala if there was a certain meal, beverage or gift that would be provided in-person, that same commodity can be enjoyed virtually and sent out through the mail. 

In terms of pricing and business appeal, “everyone’s budgets have been slashed,” states Bohn. He mentions how important it is to work within budgets during this time. Lynch says to not be discouraged, “event planners are still worth the hours they put in.” He emphasizes to be proud of your product and the services you’re selling. Lastly, one aspect of business appeal mentioned by all the professionals is the need to have clear and updated websites. 

During this time it’s necessary to continue learning & cultivating communication, working on professional development and leveraging strengths.